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Almost no digital equipment other than personal computers are going to
be certificated (FCC's word) or authorized under a Declaration of
Conformity.  Most digital equipment is "verified," meaning that it must
be tested by the manufacturer. Period.

There are some exemptions from specific emissions limits in the Part 15
rules for appliances.

That is moot, however, as there are almost no specific emissions limits
below 30 MHz for most digital equipment. The limits for digital
equipment are conducted.

The problem with all of that is that the limits are too high.  A "legal"
Part 15 device can create S9 noise locally. Under the rules, the
manufacturers are resposible for meeting the equipment authorization
rules and the operators the devices are responsible for not causing
harmful interference.

Mike Gruber of the ARRL Lab has been contacting some manufacturers about
some of these issues. The only way to resolve some of this with FCC
would be to try to get rules changes. That doesn't go very smoothly
right now, it seems.

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> Ken,
> This is great news on your Industry Canada front.  You can 
> look ip FCC acceptance on the FCC web site.  I looked up 
> Whirlpool and sure enough, only their Microwave ovens had it. 
>  The other appliances don't have to be certified.  That 
> doesn't mean they are exempt from interference complaints, 
> but it just means they don't have numbers or public test results.
> My personal opinion is that the manufacturers are exploiting 
> a loophole and stretching it, and we need to do something about it.
> Leigh / WA5ZNU
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