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If I remember the story correctly...  It is Whirlpool taking over Maytag.
Whirlpool supplying most of the Kenmores so the Kenmore models may disappear
and Sears would sell appliances with the actual makers name attached.  But,
the merger has nothing to do with Sears as a company.  I think if the merger
is approved about 75% of washing appliances would be from one company which
is the concern to regulators.


P.S. To me this is the end of this merger discussion since we are far from
RFI issues.
P.S.S.  It would help me if when you talked about appliance RFI that you say
whether it is all the time interference or just when appliance is actually
used.  I can somewhat live with the latter.

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>  I forget which company, but either Maytag or
>Amana was going to bought up by Sears..  Haven't seen anything else 
>about it in the last month or so.. 73,
>Zig - KM9M

That would be a fast way to have Circuit City & Best Buy drop the 
line !!!!! and the independents also.

This will be worth watching....

I would think that at this point Kmart Holdings has their hands full 
just trying to run the Sears operation. But then again the new owner 
is more interested in just flipping businesses round than running them.

I thought Sears owned a big piece of Whirlpool, as Whirlpool was/is 
their major white goods supplier.



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