[RFI] Can Fluorescent bulbs cause RFI problems?

Linden, Mike (BRC-Hes) Mike.Linden at boschrexroth-us.com
Tue Sep 27 12:18:52 EDT 2005

  I've got a 32" Toshiba television whose switching power supply creates
fairly broad-banded RFI (peaks around 15m) below 30 MHz. I noticed that
when I turned-on the lights in the room where the TV was, the magnitude
of the RFI increased. It turned-out that this was happening because the
lights in the room were compact fluorescents. It appears that the TV's
switching power supply was "fighting" with the compact fluorescent's
electronic ballast (they were on the same circuit). The compact
fluorescents alone (TV off) did not cause any RFI.

  The solution, of course, was to get rid of the compact fluorescents --
they cost a lot less than the TV!

  Michael N9BDF

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