[RFI] Internet Cable interference

catwhiskr@aol.com catwhiskr at aol.com
Tue Sep 27 14:06:52 EDT 2005

Hi all,
Back on the reflector after a long absence. This may have been covered before but I can not seem to find the answer.
I have what I believe to be interference from the high speed Internet source here. I have an S3 signal every 61 khz away from 14031. I have seen on this reflector that this is probably some kind of router problem. When I kill the power to the whole system in the house, ths signal drops down to S1 and what I then hear is a on/off tone (2 second interval) on the same 61 khz intervals. When I power the system back up, the off/on tone immediately goes away and is eventually replaced by the original signal, after everything comes up to speed.
My question is, what is this? This has come up on our DX club reflector and is a major problem here in San Diego. Along with all the other garbage on the bands this seems to be the most prevalent one.
Any help here.
Terry Baxter/N6CW

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