[RFI] Internet Cable interference

David Robbins k1ttt at arrl.net
Tue Sep 27 14:44:53 EDT 2005

What is the source?? Bpl? Dsl? Cable? Satellite? Isdn? 

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> Hi all,
> Back on the reflector after a long absence. This may have been covered
> before but I can not seem to find the answer.
> I have what I believe to be interference from the high speed Internet
> source here. I have an S3 signal every 61 khz away from 14031. I have seen
> on this reflector that this is probably some kind of router problem. When
> I kill the power to the whole system in the house, ths signal drops down
> to S1 and what I then hear is a on/off tone (2 second interval) on the
> same 61 khz intervals. When I power the system back up, the off/on tone
> immediately goes away and is eventually replaced by the original signal,
> after everything comes up to speed.
> My question is, what is this? This has come up on our DX club reflector
> and is a major problem here in San Diego. Along with all the other garbage
> on the bands this seems to be the most prevalent one.
> Any help here.
> Terry Baxter/N6CW
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