[RFI] Noise Help

K6IA-Howard Stephenson kg6wp at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 23 12:55:22 EDT 2006

This is a strange one. The noise covers HF-440, very
strong so it's close. It sounds to me like an AC
arcing noise but I can't peak it on the power lines in
the area. It peaks towards some residences behind my
house, including a in-law shack and 2 work
shop/storage buildings in back yards which all line up
on my 440 beam and make it difficult to RFI to exact
area. I'm wondering if it could be a problem with a
service panel or a short in some wiring.
The noise comes and goes at all hours. In the wave
file it does short bursts which is typical then it
could be quiet for an hour or so.
Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
Link to noise:
It's a big file almost 2 megs.
20 meters, JA contest with S-9 JA and the noise covers
the signal

Howard Stephenson  K6IA

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