[RFI] Touch Lamps

Pfizenmayer pfizenmayer at worldnet.att.net
Sun Apr 23 21:23:20 EDT 2006

Any touch lamp gurus out there ? I tracked one down last summer that ran in 
the 7100 - 7200 KHz range , but now I have one next door that sounds very 
very much the same but tends to sweep in the 3560 - 3750 KHz range.Harmonics 
are extremely strong on 40 and 20 meters as well. (No the other one was not 
also running at half of 7100 )  The neighbors swear they have no touch lamps 
. What I wonder is - at what frequencies have others seen touch lamps 
radiating  ???

 I have read all the ARRL stuff on touch lamps.

Thanks  - Hank K7HP 

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