[RFI] Touch Lamps

doc kd4e at verizon.net
Sun Apr 23 22:36:17 EDT 2006

> Any touch lamp gurus out there ? I tracked one down last summer that ran in 
> the 7100 - 7200 KHz range , but now I have one next door that sounds very 
> very much the same but tends to sweep in the 3560 - 3750 KHz range.Harmonics 
> are extremely strong on 40 and 20 meters as well. (No the other one was not 
> also running at half of 7100 )  The neighbors swear they have no touch lamps 
> . What I wonder is - at what frequencies have others seen touch lamps 
> radiating  ???
> Thanks  - Hank K7HP 

No gurus here but thought I'd share what I have
been told by some who are.

Could be any number of sources, not just touch lamps.

New washer, dirty dimmer, new light fixture or
florescent bulb replacement for an incandescent,

There are bazillions of new RF-dirty devices out
there these days.

Best solution is to move where they are not within a
few hundred feet of your home ... preferably a few

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e   bibleseven.com

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