[RFI] Towers/Antennas Near 138kV Transmission Lines

Larry Burke wi5a at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 14 15:29:01 EDT 2006

In my search for property on which to build a new home we have come across
several lots that are in proximity to 138kV overhead distribution systems.
One lot, in particular, is within 150 ft of such lines (there's a lot
between the one we are looking at and the lines). Obviously, I would not
construct a tower/antenna system in such a manner as to come in contact with
these lines. What is the collective experience of the group. anything in
particular to consider or would you steer away from such property entirely? 

I plan to operate everything from 160-2m with primary interest being DX.
>From an RFI standpoint I have heard that such lines can actually be quieter
than residential distribution. True? 

Larry Burke  WI5A
Friendswood, Texas

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