[RFI] Towers/Antennas Near 138kV Transmission Lines

Terry Dunlap kk6t at pacbell.net
Mon Aug 14 16:33:27 EDT 2006

I've always wondered about this but have been afraid to ask a stupid question.
How do you know what voltage the lines are around you?  Is it marked somewhere on the towers/poles?

I have some HV towers near me but have no clue what voltage they are.

73 de Terry KK6T

At 01:21 AM 8/14/2006, kd4e wrote:
>> In my search for property on which to build a new home we have come across
>> several lots that are in proximity to 138kV overhead distribution systems.
>> One lot, in particular, is within 150 ft of such lines (there's a lot
>> between the one we are looking at and the lines). Obviously, I would not
>> construct a tower/antenna system in such a manner as to come in contact with
>> these lines. What is the collective experience of the group. anything in
>> particular to consider or would you steer away from such property entirely? 
>> I plan to operate everything from 160-2m with primary interest being DX.
>>>From an RFI standpoint I have heard that such lines can actually be quieter
>> than residential distribution. True? 
>> Larry Burke  WI5A
>> Friendswood, Texas
>We are selling our home and 10 acres here in Florida.
>Along one side of the property is a similar power line,
>about 7 years old now.
>It is dead quiet.
>My Elmer lives almost under a similar line and operates
>160-440 without any noise problems.
>The power companies do not want to waste power.
>Most radiated noise is from cable equipment and local
>overhead wires subject to damage from tree limbs and
>vehicle collisions with support poles.  These wires
>may have many old patches rendering them prone to
>noise.  Sometimes the pole-pig transformers go bad,
>from weather and careless squirrels!
>Thanks! & 73,
>doc, KD4E
>... somewhere in FL
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