[RFI] Near 138kV Transmission Lines, To buy or not to buy...

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It's wise to consider the noise level potential, however the only way to
know is to monitor the noise on the various bands you work and at various
times of day and night.
It would also be advisable to include this as a contingency in the contract.

I often do noise surveys and it's frequently a determining factor for the
This is a good suggestion for hams whether moving near transmission lines or
the average distribution lines. 
A fact to keep in mind is a small percentage of my RFI complaints are caused
by transmission line equipment. As you will now notice if you haven't
already, most power line RFI concerns you read about involve distribution
systems. It's amazing how many people move to the country to get away from
power lines. That's hard to do in this country. I did a job for Southern Cal
Edison who's customer had moved next to the 230kV right of way because know
one would complain about his tower. I've, many times, worked on problems in
the country involving hams that had moved there to get away from the noise.
Neither was a good decision for the ham.
The most important thing for you to consider is how the power company will
respond to your complaint if you do experience noise. A farmer won't move to
the city because he won't be able to grow his crop. The fisherman wants to
live close to the water. Hams need to make sure we'll be able to use our
Do a search for the hams in that area and write them asking how the response
has been. Call the power company, tell them you're moving to that address
and ask them if they can correct the power line noise detected there. If
they don't have a clue what your talking about that doesn't mean they won't
assist, but could mean the learning curve could be a long way around.
I'd be interested to know the name of the local power company. I've worked
with many of them and if I know them I'd be glad to introduce you to them. 
Keep us all informed of your survey and the details of the outcome.
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