[RFI] Towers/Antennas Near 138kV Transmission Lines

Ed Swynar gswynar at durham.net
Tue Aug 15 08:50:03 EDT 2006

Hi Doc,

I'd stay away from a site like that strictly for the possible effect(s) the
magnetic field around those lines might have upon my HEALTH, never mind its
effect on my radio activities...!

Some 30 years ago I recall reading a byline in NEWSWEEK magazine where
researches noted that the scrub & bushes growing out in the middle of the
mid-Western USA that were directly beneath long expanses of overhead utility
lines were noticeably smaller, & less-robust looking, than growth outside of
the immediate field...then about a decade or two after that piece, I saw a
TV feature that described what appeared to be a connection between overhead
lines & childhood leukemia.

Yes, the jury may well still be out on any sort of a direct link(s), but why
take chances that way, if you really don't have to...?

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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> > In my search for property on which to build a new home we have come
> > several lots that are in proximity to 138kV overhead distribution
> > One lot, in particular, is within 150 ft of such lines (there's a lot
> > between the one we are looking at and the lines). Obviously, I would not
> > construct a tower/antenna system in such a manner as to come in contact
> > these lines. What is the collective experience of the group. anything in
> > particular to consider or would you steer away from such property
> >
> > I plan to operate everything from 160-2m with primary interest being DX.
> >>From an RFI standpoint I have heard that such lines can actually be
> > than residential distribution. True?
> >
> > Larry Burke  WI5A
> > Friendswood, Texas
> We are selling our home and 10 acres here in Florida.
> Along one side of the property is a similar power line,
> about 7 years old now.
> It is dead quiet.
> My Elmer lives almost under a similar line and operates
> 160-440 without any noise problems.
> The power companies do not want to waste power.
> Most radiated noise is from cable equipment and local
> overhead wires subject to damage from tree limbs and
> vehicle collisions with support poles.  These wires
> may have many old patches rendering them prone to
> noise.  Sometimes the pole-pig transformers go bad,
> from weather and careless squirrels!
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> Thanks! & 73,
> doc, KD4E
> ... somewhere in FL
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