[RFI] Low voltage lighting solid state "transformers"

kd4e kd4e at verizon.net
Sun Dec 17 18:02:14 EST 2006

> Technically any spurious emission that causes harmful 
> interference to a licensed service is illegal regardless of 
> absolute level.
> The ARRL also would have had to test the device in the 
> actual working situation to be sure it fully complied.
>> The FCC radiation limits are not sufficient to prevent
>> interference even when the device is within limits.
> That's true for certain tests. That's why there is a blanket 
> clause that says the licensed service can't suffer harmful 
> interference. Of course we all know they won't generally 
> enforce that type of rule, but I have seen them enforce it. 
> I've seen them enforce it with broadcast stations that had 
> harmonics that met spec but caused problems, and alarm 
> systems that were incidental radiators.
> 73 Tom 

This brings one back to the "squeaky wheel" truism.

In Sunday School one learns the story of "the unjust judge",
bureaucracy is classic "unjust judge" and the solution in
both cases is the same.

Pound on the door until they relent and do the right thing,
and as appropriate enlist others to the cause.

The bad guys in politics do this all the time for their
pet radical causes, no reason the good guys cannot use
it to clean up the spectrum.


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