[RFI] Humming "Telephone" Poles

brian goldsmith brian.goldsmith at echo1.com.au
Wed Dec 20 18:48:17 EST 2006

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From: mike W2LO

   There are two ordinary wooden "telephone" poles in my neighborhood 
carrying just H/V and telephone lines-no transformers, etc.-just the wires 
supported by two insulators. Occasionally when I pass them while walking, 
there is a fairly loud hum coming from them. Touching the pole you can feel 
this loud hum. Oddly these two noisy poles are separated by a non-humming 
pole, that is, there is a humming pole, 150 feet or so later there is a 
quiet pole and 150 feet later a noisy pole.
   These poles sometimes hum and sometimes not. I don't detect any RFI from 
them but is this indicative of trouble in the making? I walk extensively 
through the neighborhood but haven't detected any other noisy pole besides 
these two.

****The wind or small air movements are exciting the wires to a resonance

Brian G

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