[RFI] Humming "Telephone" Poles

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 23 19:10:14 EST 2006

I think you are hearing the wires vibrating in a gentle breeze, somewhat 
like a violin string.  I have noticed the same thing with telephone and 
electric power poles too.  But I also notice it with my 135' dipole antenna 
which is supported at its mid point at the 119' level on my tower, with 
about 450' of Philystran cable attached to each end and running to 25' 
wooden poles in each direction, located at the property boundaries.  The 
Philystran is stretched tightly enough to pull out nearly all the sag (about 
200 lbs tension on the cable), leaving the ends only about 20' lower than 
the mid point.  I notice that it sometimes sings loudly when there is no 
perceptible wind, especially under cool clear wx conditions.

Don k4kyv


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