[RFI] grounding your ham equipment

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Lot's of good responses, and I also highly recommend the Polyphaser web site
and the technical papers sections.  They have one paper just for ham shacks.
Polyphaser equipment is used extensively by the commercial two-way radio
industry, and is also found many times in Motorola's R-56 site install

One other thing I'd like to add.  Avoid stranded wire and braided cables for
grounding.  It can eventually cause subtle increases in noise floor
especially at UHF & up, mainly due to corrosion between strands.  Bad thing
if you get into weak-signal VHF/UHF work.

Also, keep all ground wire bends at an 8 inch radius bend or more.  Reduces
the inductance of the ground wire overall.  A bend is just a turn in an
inductor, right?  Inductance is impedance.

Read the Polyphaser material and keep print outs handy for re-reading as you
design your single point ground system.

  -de ed -K0iL

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i am planing putting up a new tower and beam. now on my ham station
equipment what is the best way to ground tuner, radio etc to my station to
my ground rod. to avoid ground loops do i use tuner as my central and ground
all ham gear to my tuner and then to grounding rod outside. th use copper
strap or braided strap from ham gear to tuner and then to grounding rod
.thanks. kx3x
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