[RFI] grounding your ham equipment

Tom Rauch w8ji at contesting.com
Sun Jul 30 10:50:54 EDT 2006

> ....and the entrance panel is bonded to the shack cable
> entrance how?
>>>>>They are one in the same...My cables come through the 
>>>>>rubber ports
> of the Microflect entrance panel which is nothing more 
> than a set of
> watertight grommets. My outside wall is only standard 2x4 
> construction.
> So the cables pass through the grommets to get to the 
> inside wall where
> the SPGP is mounted. A total of about 5-6 inches.

>>>>>>>>> My understanding of a HALO ground is one that is 
>>>>>>>>> elevated above
> and around the shack to guard against any EMP induction. 
> It's this HALO
> which is what I was referring to that I DON'T have. I 
> think what you're
> describing is a "perimeter" ground buried around the 
> house, which I also
> have.

That may be true. Maybe modern jargon defines this as a 
perimeter ground now.

> My equipment layout is not very large...all on one desk 
> directly above
> the SPGP. So coax leads and ground leads are all less than 
> 3'. It seems
> to me it would be meaningless to install a second ground 
> panel between
> the equipment and the SPGP.

I try to follow a rule that everything in every equipment 
group has one common ground point and that all cables enter 
and leave that point. For my TV sets and stuff I use outlet 
strips that have F connectors and telco connectors bypassed 
to the neutral.

Not only does it eliminate 99% of the RFI, it stops any 
lightning damage.

What I call my perimeter ground is probably really best 
thought of as a yard entrance ground.  That ground is a wide 
flashing with multiple ground rods and a few radials 
extending outwards.

I wouldn't share a tower ground and entrance ground with 
equipment unless there was absolutely no way to avoid it. Is 
the room equipment power and telco feed bonded to that shack 
entrance point ground?

73 Tom

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