[RFI] grounding your ham equipment

Michael Neverdosky 1twidget at gmail.com
Sat Jul 29 14:04:23 EDT 2006

Quick quiz!
What is the ground resistance of your ground system and how was it measured?

If you don't know the value of the ground resistance, how do you know
if the system is installed and working properly?

Polyphaser has information on ground testing so you will have the info
to do the tests.

Remember also that your location will change the design of your ground
system. Some locations require LOTS of short rods tied together to get
the required ground and others require a very small number (even one)
that is driven very deep.
A pro contractor told me that in central Florida they often end up
driving a single rod as much as 200 feet to get the resistance down to
what they need.

There is no way to KNOW if the ground system is right without measuring it.

michael N6CHV

On 7/29/06, John K9UWA <k9uwa at arrl.net> wrote:
> DUH.... sorry I meant here 3/8" ID.... NOT 3/4".. copper tubing.
> And as others mentioned read the POLYPHASER grounding
> book .. manual ... PDF file

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