[RFI] grounding your ham equipment

KC2TN kc2tn at comcast.net
Sat Jul 29 14:39:24 EDT 2006

Just to add a few notes;

I just took a DIRECT Hit on my tower.

I had all of the Polyphaser protectors in place with a significant
grounding field. 24 ground rods spaced appropriately all connected with
2" copper strap cadwelded together. 

However, I got burned on the Ethernet LAN running around the shack. I
knew I needed to do something about it but polyphaser didn't have the
Ethernet protectors at the time I did my install.

You know what they say about procrastination! One missing piece on a
well planned ground system can compromise the whole system.

As it turns out it could have been a lot worse. I lost a few computer

The most interesting loss however was my 756ProII. It was disconnected
except for an ALC line attached to my AMP. The amp was also

I had a few battery powered LED blinker advertisement labels on my desk.
They were from Dayton and were turned off. After the storm I found them
both turned on and blinking. A definite indication I had a strong EMP
pulse pass through the shack. My shack it right under the tower. I
figure the PROII took a pulse and locked it up.

Anyway if you've read this far the point is DON'T FORGET the LAN in your

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