[RFI] FCC Clamps Down on Power Line QRN

AA6DX - Mark aa6dx at arrl.net
Thu Jun 8 12:01:29 EDT 2006

FCC Cites Florida Utility for Interference to Radio Amateur
The FCC has issued a Citation to Lakeland Electric, a municipally owned 
utility in Lakeland, Florida, for violating Part 15 rules by interfering 
with a local radio amateur. §15.5(c) of the FCC rules requires that the 
operator of an "incidental radiator" must cease operating the device after 
an FCC representative notifies the operator that the device is causing 
harmful interference. The "incidental radiator" in this case is overhead 
power lines. Under an agreement, the ARRL and the FCC cooperate in resolving 
cases of line noise interference to Amateur Radio licensees. 6/8/2006 8:58 
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