[RFI] FCC Clamps Down on Power Line QRN

Roger D Johnson n1rj at adelphia.net
Thu Jun 8 15:57:57 EDT 2006

doc wrote:

> Up here in the west Pasco area of FL there are several
> spots where one cannot hear an otherwise moderate
> strength AM-BC station due to chronic power line
> noise.
> There is one spot along 19 in New Port Richey where
> all AM signals are completely wiped out.  I have
> never experienced anything like it elsewhere but
> something there just blankets the signals -- it
> is as though one has turned down the rf gain!

There are many areas in SW Maine where reception on the AM
band on a car radio is impossible. I don't think all the
noise is coming from power lines. We can thank the FCC and
congress for not adopting and enforcing reasonable standards
for electrical equipment sold in the USA.

73, Roger

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