[RFI] Power line Noise

Tom Rauch w8ji at contesting.com
Thu Jun 8 19:54:00 EDT 2006

> The word "usually" is important here -- we all know that 
> sources of RFI can be
> relatively strong, and connected to relatively efficient 
> antennas -- I'm
> thinking power supplies with strong RFI content connected 
> to long runs of
> unshielded wiring. Hams in remote, relatively quiet 
> locations, have reported
> hearing RFI from sources miles away. And we all know that 
> T-storm static in the
> MF and HF spectrum will propagate for hundreds of miles, 
> just like any other
> signal in that spectrum.

During times when bands are closed here, background noise 
peaks to the west and east. It comes from an accumulation of 
many small sources in Barnesville and Forsyth...each about 
5-7 miles away.

When a band is open, background noise increases several dB. 
The ionospheric propagated noise sets the noise floor.

73 Tom 

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