[RFI] Fw: cell phone interference on airplanes

David Garnier dgarnier at wi.rr.com
Fri Mar 3 18:56:55 EST 2006


Remember the 9-11 high-jacked aircraft that the hostages crashed into 
the ground? 
It was widely reported that _numerous cellphone_ conversations went on 
between the
hostages and their families and etc...

Some 20 years ago, on a private aircraft flight, I received permission 
and had
the opportunity of using my 1 watt 450 MHz Icom 4AT at ~35K feet altitude.
I can assure you - kerchunking a common frequency pair _very enlightening_.
At that altitude I had tri-state simplex coverage, unreal! 


Dave Garnier - wb9own

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Would one or two watts at 2GHz make it over 5-6 miles to ground to
antennas which are optimized for ground signals?  I'm thinking how
difficult it is with WiFi without high gain antennas.


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