[RFI] 1Hz Noise

Stu Benner w3stu at myactv.net
Tue May 23 06:56:47 EDT 2006


Two possibilities quickly come to mind:

1) an electric fence charger
2) the local oscillator (L.O.) of a scanning receiver

The repetition rate of (1) is usually a bit lower than 1 Hz.
The signals that are problematic in (2) are usually VHF and up.

Stu Benner

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Just got my antenna up at my new QTH and I'm trying to track down noise
sources.  Anyone heard a noise source that sounds like a "tick, tick, tick"
at about a 1Hz rate.  It almost sounds like a clock.  I've heard it from
14MHz up through 50MHz.  It seems to be in the direction of my neighbor's
house. _______________________________________________
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