[RFI] 1Hz Noise

Mike King - KM0T scsueepe at mtcnet.net
Tue May 23 07:57:20 EDT 2006


Dont rule out a new mattress pad heater power supply.  I had a neighbor who 
got one, it was really nasty...had to go to the manufactuer and get new 
power supplys for it...then it was fine, took a long time however.  It had a 
tick up and down all the HF bands and up to 2M +.  I DFed it there and asked 
if they had added anything...nothing but a mattress warming pad.  I asked 
here to turn it off and bam it was gone.  Hope your neighbor is as nice as 

The mattress pad was from "Perfect Fit" Industries.


Mike - KM0T

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> Just got my antenna up at my new QTH and I'm trying to track down
> noise sources.  Anyone heard a noise source that sounds like a "tick,
> tick, tick" at about a 1Hz rate.  It almost sounds like a clock.  I've
> heard it from 14MHz up through 50MHz.  It seems to be in the direction
> of my neighbor's house.
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