[RFI] 1Hz Noise

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Tue May 23 09:05:47 EDT 2006

My bet would be on the electric fence, Kelly.  They are very common in rural/semi-rural areas.  The only thing that is a little odd is that you don't report hearing it on the lower bands.  

A properly maintained electric fence is quiet - If your neighbor has one, ask his permission to walk it and look for/clean up problems.  These can include a loose charger ground, wires that are poorly insulated where they cross wooden or metal posts, or just weeds.  You are looking for any leakage path or arcing opportunity. Every spring I start to hear the fences in my area as the grass grows up to the point where the fence can arc to ground. If you explain that these problems also diminish the effectiveness of the fence for keeping livestock in, most fence owners will even help you look for them. 

73, Pete 

   At 03:15 AM 5/23/2006, Kelly Johnson wrote:
>Just got my antenna up at my new QTH and I'm trying to track down
>noise sources.  Anyone heard a noise source that sounds like a "tick,
>tick, tick" at about a 1Hz rate.  It almost sounds like a clock.  I've
>heard it from 14MHz up through 50MHz.  It seems to be in the direction
>of my neighbor's house.
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