[RFI] Lutron and RFI

Tom Rauch w8ji at contesting.com
Mon Nov 20 19:49:12 EST 2006

> Note the last suggestion--install an electronic 
> low-voltage lighting
> system, with an ELV dimmer. Then comes the big tip: a 
> separate neutral.
> Lots of times these days electricians will wire a building 
> with a common
> neutral--combining the white wires and running a lot of 
> circuits back to
> the panel on a single white wire. This is a bad thing to 
> do--because you
> get all kinds of nasty noise on the line, and the noise 
> appears on all of
> the circuits. But it happens (it saves the contractor 
> wire).

I'd be careful with that separate neutral suggestion.

1.) Wiring has to be to code, or it should be.

2.) Even if you break the neutral, you still have the hot 
lead and ground lead. Everything ties together back at the 
box anyway, and a wire will radiate no matter what you do if 
you have an RFI generator connected to it.

He probably is confusing audio ground loops with RFI, two 
very different things.

73 Tom 

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