[RFI] Haolgens AND . . .

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 21 15:07:02 EST 2006

>I was using my shack's 13 volt dc line, but I've found when
>I ran the bulbs from the dc supply the life was shorter.

I have experienced the same thing with conventional incandescent pilot 
lamps.  Running them on DC seems to lead to a very short life.

Someone once explained the reason, but I forget why.  It is some kind of 
"effect" with a proper name attached, and I recall it having something to do 
with the molecular structure of the filament forming segmented rings on the 
surface of the wire.  It's been so long since I read the document that I 
don't have a clue where to look to find it again.

Don k4kyv

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