[RFI] Home Networkng Birdies

D. Kemp nn8b at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 28 21:58:57 EDT 2006

Thanks again for all the great comments and ideas.

I have installed 2 Cat5e shielded 50' cables to my
radio shack dierct from the router to the computers
there. I have eliminated the hub.

Of the 20 birdies on the 20 meter band attributable to
the network, 9 are remaining. The remaining birdies
have been reduced by 1 to 1.5 S-units or 6 - 9dB.

Since the router is nearer to the antenna I have
ordered 3 more shielded Cat5e cables to make the
entire network shielded. 

The next report will be after the remaining cables
have been changed out to shielded.


Don, NN8B

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