[RFI] RFI from 2005 Accord V6

sebdesn sebdesn at comcast.net
Thu Aug 9 14:09:25 EDT 2007

>    - There is no noise when the engine is off or when the
> ignition key is
>    in the on position (engine not running).
>    - The noise ramps up as RPM goes up.
>    - I had Honda check the engine for misfires or other
> anomalies and it
>    got a perfect check up.
>    - The engine has coils/caps on top of the valve covers.  I've
>    unplugged each cap while listening to the radio and been
> unable to detect
>    any change in the buzz.

Not sure what the noise is you are describing. If its plug noise you
will be able to hear each plug fire, probably same with injectors. If
its a "whirring" noise that changes pitch, it could be the alternator.
I had a noisy alt. a few years ago (a Bosch) and took it to my
alt/starter rebuilder, and he, Knowing the problem, polished and or
replaced something and all was well.
GL   73 de  Bud WOHG

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