[RFI] Keyboard RF Susceptibility

Michael Tope W4EF at dellroy.com
Thu Aug 9 14:08:39 EDT 2007

I am trying to clean up a few problems at my station. Right now
I can transmit on 160 meters at 1.5KW with the stereo turned 
and the TV's on and I get no hint of RF interference. The video 
display on my computer is clean, the internet doesn't get 
blocked, and my mouse works fine. The one area where I do
have trouble is my computer keyboard. It won't recognize button
closures when I am transmitting until I drop my output power 
down to around 300 watts. I've tried two (admittedly cheap) 
keyboards and both of them exhibit this same RFI susceptibility 
problem despite the fact that in both cases I had the cable 
wrapped around a #31 ferrite core.  

Any suggestions out there for a keyboard that might be more
RFI proof than the ones I've tried so far (one was an $8 Inland
brand and the other the OEM keyboard from my wife's 


Mike W4EF.................................................

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