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Fri Aug 24 13:45:33 EDT 2007

--- Hank K7HP wrote:

> For some strange reason ATT says I cannot have DSL
> at my house - but Qwest 
> (using the same lines/poles down the alley  ) offers
> high speed internet 
> from their VDSL system. Anyhow before I let the fox
> into the henhouse - 
> anybody have any experience with interference issues
> with VDSL - 
> suggestions/warnings ? The zillion VDSL subcarriers
> are kind of scary in 
> terms of receive interference.
>  Thanks -- Hank K7HP

Verizon is my local telco -- it was General Tel of the
NW when I worked for them in trunk & radio
maintenance.  Yeah, I know a bit about tip & ring

When Verizon started the DSL campaign, I attempted to
sign up.  They could never get it to work and phone
calls to the CSR produced bogus "reasons" for it.  I
let them know of my technical background in their
field, and knew they were blowing smoke.  I persisted
in my research until I connected with one technician
who indicated my POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service)
was via a multiplexer, which would not pass the wider
bandwidth DSL signals.

My neighborhood was established in the 60s, when it
was one address -- one twisted pair.  To handle the
explosion of second telephone lines, the telcos
installed multiplexers (and other equipment). THAT may
be the reason it can't be made to work.  Unless you're
between the Central Office and some massive new
construction, don't expect the telco to add more cable
pairs. On the other hand, NEW technology is going in
all the time... we're getting fiber-optic line strung
up in my neighborhood.

Bryan WA7PRC

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