[RFI] New to the list - searching for 80 meters noise

joe jitaliano at charter.net
Sun Feb 11 09:29:39 EST 2007

Hello guys.  I've been reading your achieves for days but had to subscribe to describe my problem.  On 80 meter ssb, during the day this winter I have an S5 ambient noise level.  At night it is S9+5.  At first I thought this was band conditions but talking to others on 80 made me think it wasn't.

Finally, this morning as I stared at the s meter, at precisely 7.54 am CST, the noise instanteneously went from the s9+5 to s5.  It behaved like someone flipped a switch.

I have located a street light that is out about 450 feet from my house, but all the other street lights turn off at 7am, so I doubt it is that.  I have called the power company on that light.

I've looking for advice on how to proceed.  I'm thinking it's still a streetlight, or these lawn lights that are all over the neighborhood.  I don't have a portable receiver yet, but may need to buy something to help with this problem.

Any advice is appreciated.


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