[RFI] All band handheld receivers

Jimk8mr at aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Sun Feb 11 19:42:10 EST 2007

I also use an Icom IC-R10, and have had some good results.
I have attached an old gutter clip mount to the rear rack on an old  bicycle, 
and with a 2 meter 5/8 wave antenna have found the combination to be  
sensitive enough on all the HF bands through 2 meters.
I use the radio's belt clip to hold it in a handlebar bag, with memories  
programmed for AM and SSB (separate sets) on each band 80 though 432. I can then  
easily QSY between bands, starting on the lower ones and working up as I get  
closer to a noise source.
I also carry a small (6 element) 432/440 yagi, so when I get within a  couple 
of poles I can stop, point and listen. (I listen via a small  earpiece).
I have been successful locating a number of noise sources with this setup.  
It is also interesting to note which passing cars have high ignition  noise.
On six meters, I happen to have 50.125 programmed in.  Once, chasing  line 
noise during a contest weekend, I heard voices instead of noise, so I  headed 
right home and worked the opening in the contest. 
Unfortunately this setup is somewhat inconvenient at this time of year  in 
Cleveland. However a lot of the noise now is related to salt on power line  
equipment, which is something that will have to be fixed by rain, not the power  
73  -  Jim  K8MR  

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