[RFI] New to the list - searching for 80 meters noise

joe jitaliano at charter.net
Tue Feb 13 20:22:45 EST 2007

The noise has changed every since it started raining.  Now we have snow...so 
lots of moisure in the air.
I no longer get a steady S9+5 noise level on 80, but it jumps between S5 and 
S9 every second or two.

The rfi is definitely different now.  I'll see if it changes back to steady 
S9 when we dry out.

I can't pin the noise source down any more.  It seems to be strong in about 
a 200 foot section of power line.

If I look for the center of the noise by where it drops off and draw a 
circle, it looks like a power pole.  Interestingly, there's this big cable 
hanging down from it and drapped around the pole.  And there's a cable box 
on the ground near the pole.  The neighbor told me last summer he didn't 
thing the box was being used any more.  I'm pretty sure wires shouldn't be 
hanging that have an end with no connection.

The plot thickens...or sickens...


Joe, N9PH

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> On Mon, 12 Feb 2007 16:19:43 -0600, joe wrote:
>>I'm pretty sure that's the problem area, because
>>following that road down another mile, with the same power lines running
>>along that road, is quiet.
> Keep at it with your AM radio, preferably tuned to the very top of the
> band, which will hopefully be more representative of 80M.
> Jim K9YC
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