[RFI] Strange radio static problem in vehicle

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Mon Jan 15 19:47:57 EST 2007

When traveling under power lines at distribution voltages of 69kv or
greater, seldom lower, your vehicle becomes energized. Every part made of a
conductive material becomes energized and the voltage level of each part is
determined by the parts size and exposure to the power line. As you move the
connections where the parts come together arcing occurs between them.
Simply put, your vehicle is arcing, probably at the antenna and its
connection. This could also occur at any other joint as well.
I've traveled many miles under power lines and have installed many bonding
straps to eliminate this type of problem.
While parked under this line, touch the antenna with something metallic and
listen to the noise in the radio. Another experiment is to take an AC
voltmeter and measure the voltage between the antenna and the body of the
car. It won't be too high but it only takes a couple of volts to create the
Isn't noise great!
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