[RFI] Help on speed drive motor controller RFI

Juan EA5RS ea5rs at ono.com
Sat Jan 27 18:00:24 EST 2007

A new water pumping station using a variable speed drive was recently
installed on the roof of the apartment building where I live,  just a few
meters from my HF antennas. RFI from the speed drives is tremendous, putting
more than -60 dBm on a 500 Hz BW on my RX on 3,5 MHz. The drive has no RFI
filters fitted
Based on manufacturer description these drives are based on "space vector
technology" "using carrier frequencies up to 15 KHz"   
What I will try is to get rid of the speed drives, but in case I can't
achieve that,  
are there different technologies commercially used to implement variable
speed drives?
is any of them more harmful or on the other hand cleaner than the rest, RFI
Thanks for your help.
Juan EA5RS

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