[RFI] Wired vs Wireless Routers for RFI

Paul Christensen w9ac at arrl.net
Fri Jan 11 10:55:40 EST 2008

> "The biggest problem with using shielded CAT5 for this purpose is
> that for much of the equipment we are connecting, it isn't easy to
> find a suitable connection point for a cable shield..."


I continue to battle the same problems here.  I have a business-class Cisco 
router without about a dozen unshielded CAT-5 cables connected to various 
PCs and devices around the house.  I just purchased a box of 0.750" 
Fair-Rite #31 core material and the result is that router birdies are 
somewhat reduced, but still very annoying.  Half the battle with CAT-5 cable 
is in getting enough windings on the core without running out of room. 
Adding cores on the PC end seems to offer little befit, so it would appear 
that the majority of the RFI source is coming right out of the router.

Any suggestions from here?  Going to an all wireless WiFi network here is 
not an option at this time.

Paul, W9AC 

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