[RFI] RFI router issue resolved!

John Geiger n5ten at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 11 12:09:03 EST 2008

For those who may be having the same problem, I did
resolve my RFI and router problem to the point where
both the router and my Yaesu FT100D could co-exist. 
There are a couple of minor birdies now, but I can
live with them.  First, to answer a few issues that
were brought up before:

1. It wasn't the wallwart.  I have a Lanpro ethernet
hub which is RF quiet, and I would use the wallwart
from it on the various routers I tried, and the
birdies were still there.

2. I was using shielded CAT5 cables.  They were
radiating the interfering signal, though, as when I
disconnected them from the router, the birdies

3. I tried a couple of chokes on the CAT cable with no

So here was my solution-I could only get 2 IP
addresses through the cable company here, so running
all 3 computers through the ethernet hub didn't work. 
However, the router gets its own IP address, and then
it will assign its own addresses to the computers
connected to it.  I connected the router (Net Gear
brand) to the cable modem, and connected the computer
next to it directly to the router.  Its cable was
short enough to not cause problems.  I then connected
the 2 long CAT5 runs to the ethernet hub, and then
connected the hub to another port on the router.  The
isolation with the hub in line was enough to kill all
of the birdies except for 1 or 2 which were reduced
enough to live with using a notch filter (thank God
the autonotch on the FT100D works on CW, but a manual
notch is always better).  

Now all computers are connected to the internet, the
cable company is happy, the radio is happy, and most
of all, AA5JG is happy!

73s John AA5JG

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