[RFI] Wired vs Wireless Routers for RFI

Donald Kemp nn8b.oh at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 12:42:02 EST 2008


The system I used the shielded Cat-5 cable with is a Toshiba PCX-2600 cable
modem with a short 3 or 5 foot shielded cat-5 jumper to a Dlink DL-604
>From the router I have 4 computers connected with shielded cat-5 cable.

Each connector of each cable has a metal shield connected to the shield in
the cable. The connector shield contacts the female connector in the router
or modem for ground. I did not use an external ground to either the modem or
2 of the shielded cat-5 runs are 50 foot, the 2 others are 25 foot runs.

Don, NN8B

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