[RFI] rfi from Refrigerator

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Mon Jun 23 22:00:44 EDT 2008

What is the brand/maker and model of your refrigerator?


At 05:56 AM 06/23/2008, you wrote:
>I am new in this reflector.
>I found that i have a noise (mainly on 20,17m and 30m bands). This noise
>exists the last week, it is over 9 s units and is periodically. It comes and
>goes every 1-2 minutes, keeps for a while and after that is totally clear
>and agn. Finally i made a research and found that my refrigerator is causing
>the problem. Any ideas what can i do? Do you think that some ferrites in
>power cable of the refrigerator will solve the problem?
>Kostas SV1DPI

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