[RFI] rfi from Refrigerator

Kostas SV1DPI sv1dpi at otenet.gr
Tue Jun 24 00:35:53 EDT 2008

Tnx all for the replies.
I have owned the refrigerator over 14 years with no problem. So i believe 
that it has some problem and i have already called a technisian. 
Unfortunately i am waiting for him... Besides i am not sure that he finds 
the problem (the refrigerator is not out of service) and i am afraid that he 
will lough when i tell him that i found a problem with the refrigerator in 
the radio (hi hi)
Someone said that maybe is the defroster. I don't think so because i asked 
my wife, i saw it also and we have not noticed ice at all.
Someone else told me abt the thermostat relay. Maybe it is. I 'll ask the 
technician to check. I noticed that when i turn it off and i turn it on agn 
after 2-3 minutes the noice doesn't start immediately but after a while.

The brand of refrigerator is

Leonard International
Made in USA
serial number BA24100735

Kostas sv1dpi

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> Hello Kostas,
> Several thoughts. First, if you have owned the refrigerator for years or
> months and the noise just began, it may be the result of some failure 
> within
> the refrigerator. If that is true, it should be repaired.
> Yes, a serious ferrite choke on the power cord to the refrigerator has a
> good chance of fixing it. To be effective, it would need to be at least 
> 6-8
> turns around a 2.4 inch outside diameter toroid of #43 or #31 material or
> some part like that. It should be placed very close to the refrigerator
> cabinet. Clamp-on ferrites will NOT help -- they provide FAR too little
> choking impedance on the HF ham bands. These parts are designed for the 
> VHF,
> so you MUST use multiple turns to move them down to the HF spectrum.
> A commercial line filter would also work. It should be bonded to the metal
> of the refrigerator and inserted into the power cord close to where it
> enters the refrigerator.
> 73,
> Jim Brown K9YC
> On Mon, 23 Jun 2008 15:56:19 +0300, Kostas SV1DPI wrote:
>>I am new in this reflector.
>>I found that i have a noise (mainly on 20,17m and 30m bands). This noise
>>exists the last week, it is over 9 s units and is periodically. It comes
> and
>>goes every 1-2 minutes, keeps for a while and after that is totally clear
>>and agn. Finally i made a research and found that my refrigerator is
> causing
>>the problem. Any ideas what can i do? Do you think that some ferrites in
>>power cable of the refrigerator will solve the problem?
>>Kostas SV1DPI
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