[RFI] RF - Noise

w4lde w4lde at numail.org
Tue Nov 18 15:40:38 EST 2008

Over the past twp months I have experienced S-9 noise levels on 160,80 
and 40 meters with S-5 to 7 on 30 meters through 10 meters.  When I 
turned the rig on Monday AM I felt XMAS had arrived early.  Noise on 
20-10M was S-1 or lower and on the lower bands the noise was S1-3.

When I was out and about this past weekend I remember that there were 
cable (TV/Internet) trucks all around our area running new cables on the 
lower portion of the power poles and I suspected it was a connection 
problem to a few homes since ours was OK.

I know that this is not a BPL situation but is it possible that a 
improperly installed cable,  pole mounted amplifiers, or a bad grounding 
bond between the power grounds create this kinda of noise and that 
running new cables and grounds help reduce the noise?

I thought I had it tracked to a set of power poles but now that I think 
about it the cable and telephone wires are also on those poles. 

It did turn very cold this weekend and maybe some connection on the 
power line tighten just enough.  I am trying to find a tread so when the 
noise returns I'll have more information to pass on to the power company 
who have been very helpful but unable to identify the problem.RF

73 - Ron W4LDE

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