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Michael Martin mike at rfiservices.com
Wed Nov 19 10:51:35 EST 2008

Well Ron,
I think you found the correct tread for your situation.
Let's assume the noise source is the utility hardware, it's common for
noises to start with work being done on the utilities equipment and just as
common for it to stop once the work is finished. The work causes the pole
hardware to get shaken up and moved from its normal resting position. Once
the work is stopped (for the day) the hardware returns to rest and the
noises usually stop. When the work starts again so can the noise. While the
work is under way the system is reacting like it's a windy day.
Now for the bad news, sometimes the noise sources don't stop and sometimes
they become intermittent sources. The remedy is to give them a couple days
and if they persist call your local power company. Tell them that the recent
work has created a noise on your radio equipment.

Check out my web site noise page http://www.rfiservices.com/sound.htm . If
your noise sounds like one of the recordings (RFI #1 - #5) Have them visit
the page and tell them this is where you confirmed your suspect.
If your noise isn't constant make sure they know the time pattern of the

Last but not least, keep the readers informed of your progress and best

Mike Martin
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