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Michael Cornwall mccornwall at charter.net
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	Well, my noise is worse than ever.  Ameren says it's not them and
won't work with me anymore.  It's covering all of 6m and way down in HF now.
It sounds EXACTLY like noise source #3 on the rfiservices sounds page.  It's
20 over S9 on all bands down to 40m. 

	Makes me want to quit ham radio.  I haven't got the time or energy
to fight this crap anymore.

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Amen to that - I found a neighbor with an electrically-heated dog dish that
had a bad thermostat.  Emphasizing the fire risk ("hear that - that's a
spark somewhere on your house wiring") is very useful.

Here's an excellent reference on finding which house has the noise:

73, Pete N4ZR

   At 10:29 PM 9/15/2008, Billy Cox wrote:
>Have the neighbor flip his breakers one by one, and to "encourage him" 
>mention that problems like this COULD cause either a FIRE or higher 
>electric bills ... I did this once and we found he had a loose wire on 
>his hot water heater! Solved my RFI problem, and the 'static' on his TV 
>and he felt a WHOLE lot safer from the steps we took on this.
>73 de Billy, AA4NU
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> >From: Michael Cornwall <mccornwall at charter.net>
> >       I'm in much the same boat.  I got the Ameren guy to come down, 
> >pointed him to the pole I thought I'd found.  Turns out it's coming 
> >from that vicinity but from somebody's house riding on the drop up to 
> >the poles and transformers.  It's intermittent and very hard to find from
the ground.
> >Loud as hell on 6m.  In any case, Ameren guy says it's not for him to 
> >fix if it's not his pole.
> >
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