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Don Moman VE6JY ve6jy.1 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 22:22:27 EST 2008

If it's *exactly* like noise source # 3, then it is not coming from someones
house.  Don't be mislead.  That is classic 100% loose hardware type noise.
I bet it goes away with wet weather, too.  It is easy to pinpoint with an
all band receiver (AM or SSB at least, I use the ICOM R-10)  and a yagi.
Just go up in frequency as you get closer.  RFI at 144 mhz can travel quite
a distance, so 440 mhz yagi will narrow it down to a specific pole 99% of
the time.  ON rare occasions I have had to use a 900 mhz yagi to pin it

Good luck
73 Don

On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 12:51 AM, Michael Cornwall
<mccornwall at charter.net>wrote:

>        Well, my noise is worse than ever.  Ameren says it's not them and
> won't work with me anymore.  It's covering all of 6m and way down in HF
> now.
> It sounds EXACTLY like noise source #3 on the rfiservices sounds page.
>  It's
> 20 over S9 on all bands down to 40m.
>        Makes me want to quit ham radio.  I haven't got the time or energy
> to fight this crap anymore.
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> Amen to that - I found a neighbor with an electrically-heated dog dish that
> had a bad thermostat.  Emphasizing the fire risk ("hear that - that's a
> spark somewhere on your house wiring") is very useful.
> Here's an excellent reference on finding which house has the noise:
> http://www.rfiservices.com/residence.htm
> 73, Pete N4ZR
>   At 10:29 PM 9/15/2008, Billy Cox wrote:
> >Have the neighbor flip his breakers one by one, and to "encourage him"
> >mention that problems like this COULD cause either a FIRE or higher
> >electric bills ... I did this once and we found he had a loose wire on
> >his hot water heater! Solved my RFI problem, and the 'static' on his TV
> >and he felt a WHOLE lot safer from the steps we took on this.
> >
> >73 de Billy, AA4NU
> >
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> > >From: Michael Cornwall <mccornwall at charter.net>
> > >       I'm in much the same boat.  I got the Ameren guy to come down,
> > >pointed him to the pole I thought I'd found.  Turns out it's coming
> > >from that vicinity but from somebody's house riding on the drop up to
> > >the poles and transformers.  It's intermittent and very hard to find
> from
> the ground.
> > >Loud as hell on 6m.  In any case, Ameren guy says it's not for him to
> > >fix if it's not his pole.
> > >
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