[RFI] Any Experience with HomePlug?

Wes Attaway (N5WA) wesattaway at bellsouth.net
Sat Sep 6 15:24:21 EDT 2008

The best thing to is to get on the Internet and search for reviews and
specs.  The common networking manufacturers (Netgear, D-Link, Linksys, etc)
have new implementations of this type of networking gear.  I have recently
seen some favorable reviews although they did not discuss RFI.  I doubt that
RFI would be a big problem in well engineered ham stations.  The reviews
generally say that installation and implementation are "easy" and that
speeds are good enough for streaming video.

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I need to expand the network (vertically to the main and second floor)
in my old, plaster-and-lathing house.  I can't run Ethernet... too much
destruction would need to take place, and wireless simply doesn't work.

All that's left is HomePlug.  The ARRL says it's (relatively)
interference-free. No one has talked about performance, so I'm asking of
you have experience with this technology and what it has been.


Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC

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