[RFI] Low Voltage Patio Lights

R March n7ua at embarqmail.com
Sun Sep 7 10:00:09 EDT 2008

I now have a problem with a neighbors outside low voltage patio lights. 
  It generates 20 over 9 noise on 160, caused by the power supply;  not 
a transformer but a switcher.  So the question is: does anyone know of a 
low voltage outdoor/patio lighting system with a built-in light sensor 
that does not make noise? Maybe one that uses an actual transformer? 
What an innovation.

Another question.  Who does one contact at the FCC now that Riley 
Hollingsworth has retired?    Thanks,  Bob  N7UA

BTW, It sure would be great if there were a data base of systems that 
don't make noise, say maintained by the ARRL, where hams could find 
solutions to these problems.

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