[RFI] RFI in truck meters and lights?

Morse, Earl (E.A.) emorse at ford.com
Mon Sep 15 13:12:56 EDT 2008

What was the truck year, make, and model?

Where is the antenna mounted?  Where are the cables routed?  What power

Impossible to begin to determine the problem without all the specifics.


Sounds like either your truck is now resonant on 20M or something
connected to the display system may be.

I have taken the liberty of copying this to a couple of RFI lists
as that is likely to be the best place to find good answers.

> My favorite is when my truck's meters and idiot lights start 
> flickering like christmas lights HI. Although this isn't just with 
> the 857 it has happened ever since I grounded the waz out of the 
> truck. Only seems to happen on 20 meters too. I don't know what it is
>  with that band, but it does a job on a lot of stuff.
> Steve, KC8QVO


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