[RFI] Aims 5000 Watt MSW Power Inverter

Jim Brown jim at audiosystemsgroup.com
Mon Sep 15 14:29:26 EDT 2008

On Mon, 15 Sep 2008 14:11:07 -0400, kd4e wrote:

>Will watch for a reasonably priced generator 

Look at the Honda inverter generators. I bought a big one -- 240V, 
6kVA, enough to start and run the motors on my well pumps. About 
$3K. For about $900, you can get a 2kVA unit that will probably run 
a refrigerator, keep the lights on, and power a 100w ham rig very 
nicely. It has an economy mode that is quite miserly on petrol. Our 
ham club (NCCC) did a group purchase of 55 of the 2kVA units, a 
Honda EU-2000i, a month or two ago. The vendor, Steady Power in MI, 
was very accommodating, giving us a nice discount for the quantity, 
and shipped them to individual addresses. The member who did the biz 
was very happy with the vendor, and the guys are very happy with 
their generators. My big one is fairly quite RF-wise, but when I 
have time I'll add filtering to make it even quieter. 


Jim K9YC

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